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Snug Insulation Limited is a New Zealand Owned company focus on saving energy in New Zealand homes since 2010. Our mission is on providing Kiwi's with warm, dry and healthy places to both live & work.


Our company is dedicated in providing reliable quality and energy efficiency products and solutions. The aim, to create a more environmentally sustainable building using the best of new technologies.


We are commited to looking after the earth's resources responsibly. Our aim is to set a new standard for living that will be better for our people and for our planet, and providing New Zealand householders with products and services to reduce their energy costs, increase their comfort levels and make their homes more environmentally friendly.






Our main products and service:



Snug Insulation uses only the best available natural and non-chemistry insulation to install. Let us help you create a cozy, warm and healthy home.


Heat Pump

We provide energy efficiency rated heat pump's. The heating exchanger of our Heat Pump's (out door unit) undergoes a special treatment called Golden Fin, it ensures greater resistance to salt damage and atmospheric corrision.


House Renovation Service

People renovate their homes for many reasons, they need more rooms, they want more space, whatever your reason we are dedicated to helping you to create the home you want from the house you have. 



Snug 保温棉公司成立于2010年。 我们一直以来致力于提供优质健康的产品,专业的安装 和一流的服务给我们忠实的顾客。


在未来的征程中, 我们将继续秉承“让人类生活得更加美好”的企业使命,弘扬 "诚信,高效,勤奋“的企业精神, 坚持绿色环保理念, 支持全球节能减排, 让我们都拥一个节能健康温馨的家。我们的宗旨是”品质胜于承诺, 细节创造经典“。







我们选用自然, 对人体无害的保温棉产品安装在您的屋顶,墙壁里和地板下。在冬天能够减少您室内的温度流失, 在夏天阻挡室外的热气。 我们可以让您的家变得冬暖夏凉。



我们说推荐的空调不单单是一种节能的供暖设备, 它还可以除湿除霉,可以过滤屋内的有害气体,例如甲醛。



一般灯泡所使用电量的5% 用来发光,95%用来发热,而我们的LED灯正好相反, 使得LED灯比一般的灯泡更亮,寿命更长。通过节省电费, 我们可以更好的去保护新西兰的环境。